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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  February 9, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. did they shoot him? they did? oh, my god! >> the tense standoff seconds before gunfire erupted. hundreds of pink slips going out in the east bay. the drastic cuts both local and global by bank of america. high pressure sending temperatures soaring, maybe some 70s around the bay area. we'll show you where coming up. >> trucks across the golden gate bridge, they are doing the lane changes as we speak. coming up a check of other bay area bridges. good morning, it's thursday, february 9. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. it is 5 a.m. on this thursday. we begin with a berkeley police officer recovering in the hospital this morning after a harrowing arrest. >> it happened last night. two officers trying to arrest a man at groveway and center street in castro valley when one of the officers got trapped
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between two cars. anne makovec is in castro valley with the latest. reporter: the intersection is finally reopen. but officers were out here for much of the night. last night our crews ran into a woman who says that the suspect police were chasing is the father of her baby. >> did they shoot him? they did? oh, my god! oh!! oh, my god! >> reporter: here is what happened. an undercover berkeley police officer was in the silver car killing a suspect in the maroon car when officers were on grove way near center street. they decided to arrest him at the stop light. officers say the suspect then backed up his vehicle pinning the berkeley officer between the two cars. other officers then surrounded the cars. one of them armed with an assault rifle who opened fire on the suspect. now, another agency the alameda county sheriff's office is doing the investigating in this case because it happened outside of the city of
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berkeley. here's what they have to say. >> they were doing a follow-up investigation on a crime that occurred in their city which led them here to castro valley. at that time they wanted to take the suspect off here and during that time, the officer gets pinned and the other officer fires at the suspect hitting him. >> reporter: you can see from the doorjamb on the driver's side of the vehicle several bullet holes indicating where the officer was standing when he opened fire. the officer who was pinned had leg and hand injuries. both he and the suspect, though, are expected to live. now, the berkeley pd says the suspect had been under investigation for some time. i just got off the phone with them and they're not answering any more questions until 8 a.m. one of the big ones that a lot of people are talking about now is why this unfolded at 5 p.m. right in the middle of rush hour in a busy intersection here in castro valley, obviously a dangerous situation. >> thank you, anne makovec with the latest. there's some land in calaveras county that's being focused on by investigators who
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are searching for murder victims. they are back at a property they searched in december. convict killer wesley shermantin. he said he would reveal the locations of some murder victims. one of them could be michaela garecht who was kidnapped when she was 9. big banks are set to shell out billions of dollars in nationwide mortgage settlements. gil diaz reports with more. >> reporter: good morning. the reason we're in walnut creek, it's part of contra costa county which is one of the hardest hit regions in the bay area for foreclosures. the state attorney general is expected to announce that california is joining in a nationwide settlement with several banks. a settlement that's worth about $37 billion. it came about after each state began investigating the shady practices that the banks were doing on foreclosures and on homeowners. this settlement will force banks to provide refinancing,
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pay off families who lost their homes already, and mark down homeowner loan principal by as much as $20,000. one homeowner foreclosure already says lower reduction is too little too late. >> there's really got to be some penalties for these banks what they did. in my opinion, they just robbed america blind. >> reporter: interestingly enough, there are a lot of foreclosures in the bay area involving high-end homes worth one million dollars or more. last year, 1500 of those high- end homes went into foreclosure. that's nearly twice as much as it was in 2008. some of the banks participating in this settlement is bank of america, chase, citigroup, allied financial and wells fargo. back to you, frank. >> all right, gil. thanks very much the gil diaz live for us in walnut creek. speaking of bank of america, unemployment lines are expected to get a lot longer in contra costa county this coming may when b. of a. says it will
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close its closing consumer service and operation units in concord that will eliminate 450 jobs there. the workers reportedly got the word yesterday. bank of america is planning to cut 30,000 jobs worldwide in a move to save as much as $8 billion a year. people in san jose will gather at civic auditorium today as mayor reed delivers the annual state of the city address. mayor reed is dealing with many of the same issues as a year ago including the budget deficit and uncertainty about the as' downtown ballpark project. but the homicide rate is down so far this year after an unusual spike last year. the program begins at 6:30 tonight and is free to the public as space allows. we'll speak live with mayor reed during our 6:00 hour. it's now 5:05. at oakland's state of the city address, only city officials, invited guests and the media were allowed as mayor quan spoke in the city council chambers. security was extremely tight yesterday evening because of recent problems involving the
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"occupy oakland" protests. oddly though, the mayor did not mention directly the "occupy" movement. she did praise oakland as a livable and opinionated city. >> we started with a $58 million deficit and almost no reserves. is it we have balanced the budget -- we've balanced the budget now we have. >> mayor quan says plans are being developed to keep the three major sports teams in oakland. i am told by my weather sources that today is the best day of the week. >> is it? >> it is the best day of the year. >> lawrence? >> usually i like fridays best but i'll go today weather-wise, fantastic outside. we're -- we're talking about lots of sunshine. it may get to 70 in the afternoon. 40s and 50s, patchy fog in the north bay at this hour. clout the day temperatures running up to 71 degrees in san jose and 72 in morgan hill. 17 in santa clara. into the east bay those temperatures upper 60s and low
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70s and as you make your way inside the bay, temperatures easily into the 60s, but enjoy it. it is all about to change. let's check with elizabeth on the roads. we're following a new accident just coming into our newsroom. it is going against the commute eastbound 580 right there by grand avenue. it sounds like this accident is involving at least one car. we're not seeing slowing on westbound or eastbound 580. it's our only incident right now. other east bay freeways including the nimitz through oakland. this looks fine. it's busier than at 4:30. if you have a flight to catch over at the airport, a smooth tribute out of downtown towards the airport. your bridges are up to speed, as well. westbound 92, drive time 13 minutes out of hayward. coming up a check of mass transit. back to you. >> thank you. 5:07. women at war. >> how their role in the
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military is about to change. also ahead... >> to shake them up. >> tough message from sacramento. the new idea that would drastically reduce lawmakers' pay and their power. >> and the return of "mythbusters." their new experiment in the east bay. ,,,,
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divided capitol hill along party lines. back at 5:10, a new debate over covering birth control has divided capitol hill along party lines. republicans promise to reverse a new federal policy that would require faith-based employers to provide birth control coverage in their insurance plans. democrats say it's a matter of fairness for women. the new rules include catholic charities, universities and hospitals who object to
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contraception. it goes into effect in august. defense officials will ask congress today to allow military women to serve in more jurors closer to the front lines. under the new proposal women could work at the battalion level. it was once considered too close to the action. the new rules would still ban female troops from actual combat duty. the push for same-sex marriage is stronger about to become legal in seven states. >> when i sign this bill we will say washington state is no longer engaged in discrimination when it comes to same-sex couples. >> the governor of washington state plans to sign a measure just passed by the house and senate. gay couples could start walking down the aisle in june. opponents say they will work to stop that from happening. 5:11. they are shaking things up in sacramento. >> that's right. the push to make the state lawmakers part-time employees. >> and you have seen gop candidates get glitter bombed before. this morning, how it's backfired on one culprit coming up.
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dry weather, warm temperatures today but we have some storms brewing off the coastline. here's your snow report: >> be prepared, bring chains just in case.
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a berkeley police officer is welcome back. 5:15. let's check your morning's top stories. a berkeley police officer has been hospitalized after being pinned between his unmark car and a suspect car in castro valley. the suspect was wounded by another officer. a los angeles elementary school is set to reopen today with an entirely new staff. the move at miramonte elementary school came after the arrest of two teachers on charges of committing lewd acts on children. the old staff will be paid during the investigation. anti-government activists say that syrian forces have renewed their assault where hundreds of people have been killed reportedly since friday. u.n. secretary-general ban ki- moon says it was a disastrous failure when the u.n. security council could not agree on a resolution to condemn that
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violence. all right, folks. we have the nicest day of the week coming our way. still a couple of patches of fog outside this morning but otherwise we're looking good. temperatures now running in the 40s and the 50s. as we head throughout the day though the fog is going to go away rapidly and that means we are left with plenty of sunshine, a couple of high clouds overhead but that's about it. temperatures going to soar today, though. 60s at the coast. some 70s in many of the valleys by the afternoon. so looking like the warmest day of the week as high pressure builds in for a day and then it's going to move out. a couple of systems off the coast will move clouds in our direction tomorrow, maybe even a couple of sprinkles. so enjoy that sunshine today. it's looking good into the south bay. some of warmest temperatures there 72 los gatos, 72 cupertino, 69 in palo alto, and 66 degrees in half moon bay. as you look toward the east bay 67 degrees in livermore, 70 pleasanton, 69 napa valley. inside the bay temperatures soaring above average, many a good 10 degrees above average
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for this time of year. 67 degrees in oakland. and about 65 degrees in san francisco. next couple of days, we are going to watch those temperatures begin to fall off a bit into tomorrow. more clouds on the way. maybe even a couple of sprinkles, unsettled over the weekend. rain probably sunday night into monday. low 70s isn't bad. >> yesterday was even warmer. > five to 10 degrees above the average. >> no 80s for elizabeth. >> sorry. >> so no bikini weather. >> no beach for you. >> let's go out towards -- what have we got? bay bridge is light. actually out to pleasanton. next that. first westbound 580 where westbound lanes busy. drive time still only 16 minutes coming out of the altamont pass towards the dublin interchange. now let's go to the bay bridge where everything is still really light out there. no issues this morning and we
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can see our traffic cameras which is a nice change from yesterday. so fog not as much of an issue. no fog advisories this morning. so pretty good this morning heading into san francisco on the upper deck. we do have this problem slight location change. it is going against the commute eastbound 580 close to the dutton exit right here. we are seeing some slowing in the westbound lanes even though the accident is reported against the commute in the eastbound lanes of 580 so again watch out for that. expecting mostly a visual distraction but at one point it was blocking one of the eastbound lanes. in the meantime, in oakland, we still have this roadwork going on closing the moraga avenue thornhill drewive. that should wrap up around 6:00. free and clear, the altamont pass commute still 15 minutes or so, the nimitz through oakland up and down 880 fine. so far, no delays coming out of
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the caldecott tunnel on westbound 24. looks pretty good. eastshore freeway light. quick look at the silicon valley commute where westbound 237 traffic is problem-free towards san jose. we'll have much more traffic coming up. in the meantime back to you guys. >> look good. thanks a lot. a college student in c is facing charges after -- in colorado is facing charges after throwing glitter at mitt romney. it happened tuesday night as he greed supporters in denver. no one was injured. 20-year-old peter smith is charged with causing a disturbance, throwing a missile and unlawful acts. glitter attacks have been used by gay activists on politicians who oppose same-sex marriage. there is a new move in california to make the state legislature a part-time body. supporters of the idea are collecting signatures and hope to put it on the november ballot to cut their pay and power. >> this is to shake them up.
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and we hope that other people, the professional people, will take three months out of their job and go represent us for a few years. >> if you think things are bad now, they will only get worse, you will have people here that have absolutely no policy skills, only be here a couple of days a month. >> california is one of only 10 states with a full-time legislature. 5:20 now. just ahead, is your doctor sugar coating the truth? >> this is scary. the rise in the number of dishonest doctors. what some admit to hiding from you. >> and dogs for rent? but these are not your ordinary pooches. the peace of mind they can provide to mom and dad. we'll explain. homicide of young people in america has an impact on all of us. how can we save these young people's lives?
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as a police chief i have an opportunity to affect what happens in a major city. i learned early on if you want to make a difference you have to have the right education. university of phoenix opened the door. my name is james craig, i'm committed to making a difference and i am a phoenix.
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in fact, one in ten admit they've lied to a patient in the past year. a new study published most doctors say they're not always honest with their patients. one in ten admits they have lied to a patient in the past year. a new study published in the journal health affairs finds that more than half admit to making a patient's prognosis sound better than it is and most likely to lie about a medical mistake or whether they have a financial relationship with a drug or device company. what do you use social media for? a man used it to save his life. doctors diagnosed a man with leukemia six months ago.
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the san francisco man would have died without a marrow transplant. the odds in finding a match were 1:20,000. so he and his friends started a social media campaign and found one. >> i can't imagine this happening without twitter and facebook and tumbler. i didn't think it was possible until those first group of friends started to start to spread the word. >> it worked. doctors in boston performed the transplant on friday. his campaign inspired about 10,000 new people now to register as potential bone marrow donors, as well. >> that's amazing. here's something new for parents who believe their kids may be involved with illegal substances. a drug-sniffing dog for rentful sue walk-ins is the brains behind sacramento's drug dog services llc and you can call julia the nose of the company with a knack for finding drugs in the most unusual secret hiding spots. gives parents peace of mind. two "mythbusters" stars are heading back to dublin this
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month. watch out. the neighborhoods are like wait a minute! this comes nearly two months after a cannonball damaged a home and car, went right through a house. adam savage and kerry byron are expected to teach dublin high school students during national engineers week. the class is scheduled for february 22. the show by the way apologized to residents for the failed experiment in dublin at the firing range last december that caused quite the -- holes in walls and doors. >> landed here and there. crazy. >> crashed into a car. no one was hurt, though. there is a bay area native getting a lot of attention in the nba these days. jeremy lin from palo alto high school is winning games for the new york knicks. he signed on with new york after warming the bench last year with the warriors. lin got his first nba dunk over the washington wizards. he averaged over 25 points a game for the last three games.
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he started all three games. he's hot. >> looks juiced. >> he is. he's playing in new york and they won three straight, too. so from palo alto. supporters of gay marriage have another reason to cheer this morning. the latest victory in the fight for equality. >> plus the battle over the oakland as is heating up. the last-minute pitch to keep the team were moving down to san jose. and police have reopened the busy on the section here behind me. after their investigation, they lot of a lot of questions unanswered. the latest from an officer- involved shooting in castro valley coming up next. california is joining other states in a nationwide settlement with several of the mortgage lending banks. coming up, find out what's in it for you especially if your home is under water.
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. theyy fired shots. i heard two shots from him. >> an undercover officer opens fire in a busy intersection. how his partner was hurt in an unusual chase. temperatures 5 to 10 degrees above average. how warm it will get in your neighborhood coming up. >> a traffic alert in a major bay area freeway in the east bay. how it's impacting your morning commute, we'll tell you coming up. good morning, everyone.
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thursday february 9. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'll grace lee. it is 5:29 at this hour. a berkeley police officer is recovering in the hospital this morning after a harrowing arrest. >> it happened last night, two officers trying to arrest a man at grove way and center street in castro valley in an intersection when one of the officers got trapped between the two cars. anne makovec in castro valley to explain what happened. reporter: the good news is that the intersection is now reopened here in castro valley. it's a busy intersection. we have several fast-food restaurants here, starbucks, some gas stations. and this happened last night when the intersection was very busy at around 5:00 yesterday evening. an undercover berkeley police officer was in the silver car tailing a suspect in the maroon car when officers on grove way near center street, this intersection, they decided to arrest this guy right at the stop light. officers say the suspect then backed up his vehicle pinning the berkeley officer between
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the two cars. other officers then surrounded the cars, one armed with an assault rifle. >> they fired shots. i heard two shots from him. then i heard two more. so total of four shots altogether. >> reporter: you can see several bullet holes indicating where the officer was standing when he opened fire. the officer who was pinned had leg and hand injuries. they are both expected to live. the suspect was under investigation. there was a warrant out for his arrest but they won't say why. one of the questions remaining here this morning frank and grace. >> okay, ann, thanks very much the anne makovec live for us in castro valley. investigators back out in the sierra foothills where they are looking for murder victims. they are back in a property in calaveras county that they search past december. convicted killer wesley shermantine's family once owned the land. he said he would reveal the location of some murder victims
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and one of them could be michaela garecht kidnapped in 1988 when she was 9 years old in her concord home. some new help for millions of california homeowners struggling with payments. gil diaz explains that $25 billion foreclosure settlement with the nation's largest banks. could be some welcome relief. good morning, gil. >> reporter: welcome relief to a lot of homeowners in the bay area. good morning, grace. yeah, five banks are participating in this settlement including wells fargo. it may be as much as $37 billion now with california having one of the highest foreclosure rates in the country the golden state might be getting a big chunk of the money. here's more details. $20,000 markdown on homeowners' principal loans. families who lost their homes already to foreclosure would get a check for $2,000. states were each cracking down
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on lending banks' faulty practices on foreclosure process. now, state attorney general kamala harris is expected to make that announcement today at first california one of the few states who had not signed up for the deal so harris may have had a change of heart. >> whether our attorney general signs on or not it's by no means the end of the story that what's really needed is for the attorney general's office to continue to investigate where they can bank wrongdoing. yo other banks involved in the federal settlement, bank of america, citigroup, chase, allied financial. it would take effect for three years and if banks do not follow the details of that settlement grace, those banks will be slapped with some heavy fines. thank you. let's check -- >> bank of america.
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there's some layoffs going on 450 bank of america workers in the east bay have been told that they are losing their jobs. the bank says it's closing consumer service and operations units in concord in may. the "contra costa times" is reporting that the workers just got word yesterday. bank of america plans to cut 30,000 jobs worldwide that could save as much as $8 billion a year. what i meant to say is, let's get a look at weather. shall we? >> yeah! let's do that. >> it's a beautiful day. >> it's going to be the nicest day of the week today. temperatures in the 40s and 50s and couple of patches of fog not as widespread as yesterday and as we head through the morning that's going to be long gone. temperatures well above average. usually in the 40s and 60s this time of the year. heading way above that up into the 60s even some low 70s a good five to 10 degrees above the average all around the bay
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area. so enjoy it. it's not going to last long. we have some clouds on the way for tomorrow even some sprinkles and much cooler temperatures. over the weekend more clouds on the way unsettled weather breezy too. more rain could move in especially late sunday night into monday. that's a look at weather. here's elizabeth with traffic. >> thanks, lawrence. >> we're continuing to follow this accident now. there is some slowing possibly between oakland and san leandro because of this accident. in fact, chp and caltrans just issued a traffic alert so we keep kind of trying to figure out the exact location but it sounds like it's between a couple exits, eastbound [ indiscernible ] past dutton so again in that general area there may be some slowing between oakland and san leandro. they issued a traffic alert because right now three -- two lanes are blocked in the eastbound direction of 580 so once again it is going against the commute but we are seeing slowing. heeastbound 580 near estudilio
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avenue. 880 through oakland, not bad, nimitz looks good to the maze. bridges problem-free, as well. here's a "timesaver traffic" camera showing you conditions right now across the san mateo bridge. 13 minutes or 14 minutes is your drive time there out of hayward towards the peninsula and your peninsula drive times, 101 and 280 free and clear towards downtown san francisco. we'll have more traffic coming up. back to you. >> thank you. new this morning, out of the north bay a marin county woman has apparently died from a very rare disease. the marin independent journal reports that 59-year-old from san rafael possibly died of "mad cow" disease. a second marin county resident of may have contracted the disease. some city of san jose employees are expected to file
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an ethics complaint against mayor chuck reed. according to kcbs radio the workers are accusing mayor reed of using inflated figures to make the case for reducing city working pensions -- worker pensions rather. the pension costs are a major contributor to the budget deficit. it comes as the mayor prepares to deliver the annual state of the city address tonight. among the topics, the budget deficit and uncertainty about the as downtown ballpark project. the city's homicide rate is back down after an unusual spike last year. the program will begin at 6:30 at the civic auditorium and is free to the public as space plows. we'll speak live with the mayor coming up in the next half hour. security very tight in oakland as mayor jean quan delivered an optimistic state of the "state" address. only city official, invited guests and the media were allowed inside the council chambers. mayor quan didn't directly
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mention the "occupy" movement. but she did praise oakland as a liveable opinionated city. she focused on the positive mentioning youth programs, growing businesses and the city's critically acclaimed restaurant and art scene. sippics will criticize me for optimism but -- >> cynics will criticize me for optimism. but if i weren't an optimist i wouldn't be here as mayor today. >> she said plans are being developed to keep the three major sports teams there in the city of oakland. later at a a forum will be held on the police response to "occupy oakland." 400 people were arrested after protestors clashed with police and vandalized city hall last month. mitt romney is trying to regain momentum in the presidential race after rick santorum swept to victory in three states that held republican contests on tuesday. romney made several campaign stops yesterday including atlanta. he sharply criticized both santorum and newt gingrich. since his big wins on tuesday,
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santorum says his campaign has raised more than a million dollars. he plans to attend several campaign fundraising events in california next week. a new fight brewing over birth control on capitol hill. republican lawmakers want the president to reject a new policy that forces religious affiliated organization to provide birth control for employees. that rule goes into effect next august. arizona senator john mccain talk about the new rule on "cbs this morning." >> i hope we can sit down and get this worked out and allow these organizations not to have to violate their religious beliefs. >> the senator has more on the republican effort to protect religious freedom and you can see the whole interview on "cbs this morning" at 7 a.m. right here on cbs 5. washington state just one signature away from allowing gays to get married. and they are going to get it. the house passed the bill yesterday. the senate approved it last week. now it goes before the governor, who says she will sign it next week into law.
5:40 am
if she does, gays could walk down the aisle in june. opponents will work to stop that from happening. and the first woman to legally marry in southern california -- the first women to legally marry in southern california are getting divorce. they got married in 2008. it was right after the ban on same-sex marriage was ruled unconstitutional. they lived together for 18 years. moving closer to a new bay bridge, they is the a date for the opening. why it's a lot sooner than expected after they set a day for the new opening. >> apple stores are being targeted. we'll find out why today. ,,,,
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ross mirkarimi welcome back. 5:42. for the first time in weeks, san francisco's sheriff can see his son. a judge granted ross mirkarimi visitation rights yesterday. the sheriff is allowed to see 2.5-year-old theo two hours a day during the week and for six hours on a weekend day. but with supervision. >> i have been buying little books and toys like this little fire engine. i couldn't find the sheriff's car windup car. but, you know, i'm just so hungry to see my son that i'm going to gobble him up. >> very emotional day just outside the court. mirkarimi has not been allowed to see his son since prosecutors charged him with domestic violence. his trial is scheduled for february 24. an elementary school in los angeles is set to reopen today. this for the first time since its entire staff was replaced. the move at miramonte elementary school is a precaution after last week's arrest of two teachers on charges of committing lewd acts on children. the former staff will be paid
5:44 am
during the investigation. they will likely an signed to a school that is -- will likely be assigned to a school that's currently under construction. announcement about women in the military. female troops may soon be able to serve in more jobs closer to the front lines. the pentagon will propose a new policy that would allow women to serve in roles at the battalion level. it was once considered too close to the action. new rules would still ban female troops from actual combat duties. anti-government activists say syrian forces have renewed their assault in a city where hundreds of people have been reportedly killed since friday. the regime of president bashir assad is trying to crush pockets of dissent in the city. many areas have been under the control of army defectors who want to bring down the regime by force. and some new information this hour on the problems with the greek economy. >> we have just heard from the prime minister's office that a deal has been struck with coalition parties on new cuts. world markets and u.s. stock futures fell today when it
5:45 am
looked like there was no agreement. >> greek labor unions plan a two-day strike to protest government austerity measures. groupon is hoping stock will recover this morning. the daily deal site posted a surprise loss in its 1st quarter as a public company. the damage, $43 million. shares were down 10%. groupon began trading publicly in november. i'm going all in on this weather forecast today. lot lots, nicest day. week. lots of sunshine. temperatures something else white afternoon. temperatures something else by this afternoon. foggy this morning not as much as yesterday clearing out this morning. by the afternoon, what a day it's going to be. 60s at the coastline, low 70s in the valleys and sunshine everywhere today courtesy of high pressure holding on for one last day here before a
5:46 am
couple of systems begin to affect this ridge of high pressure moving eastward. so enjoy sunshine today. temperatures well above average 5 to 10 degrees by the afternoon. 72 in morgan hill. 70 milpitas. 67 degrees in union city. east bay temperatures as high as 70 degrees in pleasanton, 68 in fairfield and 67 degrees in vallejo. as you get inside the bay you will find sunshine and beautiful weather. 67 in oakland today. about 65 in san francisco. and 69 degrees in santa rosa. next couple of days changes in the works, clouds roll back in as early as tomorrow even a chance we could see some sprinkles around the bay area much cooler more clouds over the weekend. storm clouds gather sunday night into monday bringing a better chance of rain to the bay area drying out next tuesday and wednesday. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. we're following an accident between oakland and san leandro. we have a few more details on it now. it is a solo car crash. so this is in the eastbound
5:47 am
direction of 580 by estudilio avenue. they issued a traffic alert within the last 15 minutes or so because they expect those lanes to be blocked for a half hour or more. we did take a call from dana with the kcbs phone force who says there is minimal delay. our sensors are picking up the same thing still in the green. it is going against the commute. maybe a visual distraction in the westbound lanes of 580 so something to be aware of. westbound 580 out of the altamont pass we are starting to get a few brake lights across that stretch and a little sluggish, a bit sluggish, through livermore so overall not too bad yet for your drive. nimitz 880 through oakland looks great. nice and light all the way down to 980 towards the 238 interchange. south bay problem-free. a few more headlights out of downtown. 101 and guadalupe parkway look good. we continue to check in with mass transit. so far everything is on time
5:48 am
for bart. as train number one got a great start -- ace train number one got a great start. bart, ace, muni, caltrain and your ferries all on time. >> the boys have been talking about your shoes as you strolled across checking them out. >> that i'm wearing flats is. >> i thought you were wearing slippers. >> i can't bend that much. >> ... with your tights. >> what? >> never mind. >> they were talking about your shoes. >> i walk in this morning, frank. are you wearing boots? no, flats. >> i couldn't see. i had my contacts in backwards. >> we have all kinds of issues. we're going to talk about the bay bridge. the new suspension span of the bay bridge will be open to drivers just in time for next year's labor day holiday. that's when caltrans expects to wrap up the $6 billion project a year ahead of schedule. both directions will be able to open at the same time thanks to the work to speed up construction including the
5:49 am
presidents day closure, as well. don't forget that. i think it's the 17th through the 21st. a big boost for fastrak drivers as more express lanes open up on bay area freeways. the metropolitan transportation commission announced plans to convert carpool lanes into toll lanes on six more stretches of freeways including the westbound approach of the san mateo bridge and interstate 880. that's milpitas. in the future, the agency plans on installing 290 miles of express lanes. it has been creating quite the buzz. this morning, tesla will unveil its model x vehicle in los angeles. governor brown will even be on hand for that announcement. the silicon valley-based company has been hush-hush about this vehicle. it is being described as a crossover suv. the event will be streamed live on the company's website at 8 a.m. if you wantcheck it out. >> i want to see a picture of it. >> they haven't unveiled it yet. you have to wait. 5:49 now. playing hardball. oakland's last-ditch effort to keep the as from going down to
5:50 am
san jose. >> and you probably have seen the movie free willy, right? but this is a real-life whale rescue. how a man helped free a whale from a potentially deadly trap.
5:51 am
5:52 am
around the world, includingn francisco. sting labor today protestors plan to descend on apple stores around the world including san francisco. they are protesting labor conditions in the company's manufacturing facilities in china. last month the "new york times" published a report saying employees worked long hours in dangerous conditions and live in crowd dorms. apple said it's working to bring factory conditions in line with company standards. some of the protestors acknowledged they do own apple devices, though. here's a story you will see only on cbs 5. students at a san jose vocational school are
5:53 am
worried their futures are in jeopardy. they got a letter saying their program at the institute of medical education is shutting down immediately. it's a shock to students who have invested as much as $35,000 in the dental hygiene program. what's worse is they fear they will not be qualified to take their licensing exams that are scheduled for the spring. >> we're currently running out of time to make up our clinic hours. we're uncertain if we'll be able to meet them. >> no comment. >> the school's ceo wouldn't answer our questions. late last year the school's dental hygiene program was warned that it could lose its accreditation by the national accrediting body. if the program is eliminated, students may not get refunds. more victims are coming forward against a man accused of posing as a fake doctor. a third woman says that carlos guzmangarza groped her during an exam. prosecutors say the 49-year-old ran a clinic out of the mission district in san francisco. the judge has since increased
5:54 am
his bail to $860,000. and former baseball star barry bonds will be able to keep his bats after all. bonds was convicted of obstruction of justice last year in connection with the balco steroids investigation. he was sentenced to a month of house arrest and two years' probation which typically means the person cannot possess any deadly weapons. that would normally include baseball bats but a judge has decided to make an exception in bonds' case. oakland making a final pitch to hold onto its pro sports teams. the city says it's ready to pay an architect now three million bucks to come up with a new plan for a new stadium and sports complex by the coliseum site. oakland is at risk of losing the warriors to san francisco, the raiders rumored to be heading to l.a., and, of course, of the as want to head down to san jose. their owner lew wolff is frustrated that after three years, a major league baseball committee has not yet decided whether he con move the team. >> -- whether he can move the team. >> what we want is an answer.
5:55 am
we want a yes, you can relocate, or you can't. >> the san francisco joints are trying to thwart the as' san jose plans by claiming territorial rights to santa clara county. filmmakers taking advantage of the high surf conditions for a movie about the stars of matter of innings are the the crew of the men in mavericks shot the tall waves along the coast yesterday. breakers from 13 to 18 feet. they are expected until tomorrow. after gerard butler stars in the movie -- actor gerard butler stars in the movie opening in october. there was a big jump in deadly shark attacks around the world last year. shark attacks are down here in the united states. the university of florida reports 75 shark attacks worldwide in 2011. only 16% of them were fatal. not a lot. researchers say the increasing number of deaths indicates the tourists are going to more remote locations where shark victims can't get emergency care quickly.
5:56 am
an orca tangled in a net in new zealand got free. a 20-year-old man found the whale exhausted and scratched up so he used a knife to cut the rope that was wrapped around his tail. the whale was freed after an hour. a small pod was seen nearby. free willy! coming up in the next half hour, why a husband was ordered to take his wife out on a date. >> okay. plus faster lines at the airport. we all like that. the personal information you have to give up to speed through security. officers open fire on a suspect after one of their own is pinned between two cars. this all happened in the middle of a busy insection. a lot of questions remaining this morning. the latest live from the scene coming up. >> if you are afraid of losing your home to foreclosure we may have some good news for you.
5:57 am
california's joining other states in a nationwide settlement against major mortgage lending banks. details coming up.
5:58 am
5:59 am
chase.. ends in gunfire. a berkeley officer... hurt in the middle of a did they shoot him? they did? oh, my god! a chase ends in gunfire. a berkeley officer hurt in the middle of a busy intersection. >> plus relief on the way for california homeowners. the major mortgage announcement hours away. >> high pressure over head not as foggy all signs pointing to a warmer day. we'll have details coming up. >> and chopper 5 has joined thus morning live right now over 880 in hayward. we're following a couple of crashes in the east bay. we'll tell you about it coming up. >> good morning. the weekend is approaching. it is thursday, february 9. i'm


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